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Brand Collaborations

I work with brands that align with my mission and holistic values on a variety of sponsored content and project collaborations as a Motherhood and Women’s Wellness Influencer.

To inquire about these services, please reach out via email.


I equip women with the tools necessary to invest in themselves through coaching and consulting on a variety of topics.

Workshops & Events

Weather it’s attending your brand launch, leading a session, or sitting on a panel for yout motherhood/women’s events. I love to share about how to eat well for self, achieve harmony, & speaking on my holistic healing & mental health story.

To inquire about these services, please reach out via email.  

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Coming Soon

Want to put your health back in Harmony? I am currently perfecting the (“In Harmony” with L. Autumn) Holistic Nutrition Service Offerings. This service is being developed to help you heal inside out using food science and nutrition.

This digital consulting service will also include in person consulting for clients in the NYC Tri State Area, shopping exeriences and live workshops.

Feel free to reach out to me at any time!

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