Why I’m No Longer “She’s A Wreck” !

At the start of 2019 my word for the year was “intention” I set out the year with the mindset that I would do all things with intention. I strived to live with the mindset of purpose casting and living in my truth, and with this undoubtedly there must be change.

Why She’s A Wreck

Since March of 2017 I consistently began sharing my experiences online as She’s A Wreck – W.R.E.C.K (Woman Rediscovering Embracing Change & Knowledge). This platform has allowed me to connect with thousands of women online, meet some real life besties and work with some amazing brands. Building She’s A Wreck showed me strength in myself that I didn’t know was there and it also pushed me out of my comfort zone. My goal was to dismantle supermom standards, & provide a practical voice to motherhood, self-care and maternal mental health. The name began as a tagline I used to say to describe how I felt at the end of each night when others presumably thought my life was picture perfect. With so many bloggers/influencers who only share the good it’s easy for people to assume the grass is always green and I never wanted to fall into the box of perfection that we so often see and thus my brand was born.

Is She NOT a WRECK anymore? 

Sis is STILL a woman rediscovering embracing change and knowledge and that’s not ever going to change. But when I thought about the books I will write, the people I will lead and how I will be remembered for the work I do I want Autumn to leave a lasting impact. It just never sat right with me that when I walked into a room at a blog event or social gathering Autumn was never the first thing out of anyone’s mouth. I’d have to introduce myself as “She’s A Wreck” and while WRECK was meant for something, I truly grew tired of needing to explain that each and every time. I realized quickly that I myself was outgrowing the catchy name.

As I started thinking of my growth, businesses and brand I saw how “She’s A Wreck” became my crutch and let’s face it, its cute but who wants to keep calling themselves “a mess”. I went back and forth for months about the change, about how it would feel, how it would be perceived and I kept wondering if I’d still be popular without my moniker. But it was one my favs Love, Ty Alexander who said “Our brands aren’t our monikers, we are the brands!” and so here we are!

I been going through some changes


As the months ticked on by my community of readers grew & so did I, I began to see value in sharing more openly about my healing and health journey. Apart of this meant getting into the rooms where conversations were happening that could help, impact or empower. I would attend events meant to shine a light on motherhood and wellness but in each room there was hardly ever a mom who looked like me — this is true for so many niches STILL! My solution was to be that voice for myself and for my community and I started shifting the focus of my content to Holistic Health, Wellness & Nutrition.

The goals never and still haven’t changed! I will keep sharing my life transparently but there will be more emphasis on providing tangible resources, workshops, content and support to empower women to remain intentional on their journeys & raise healthy families.

In addition to storytelling through my blog and instagram platform, im bringing my community together using membership programs, LIVE Group Workshops & in person mommy meetups. Upon completion of my AFPA Holistic Nutrition Program in January 2020 I will also begin to take on clients to support them in their health related goals. I’m working exclusively with brands that align with my vision for promoting holistic health, wellness and sustainable living and also excited to add both digital and physical products this upcoming winter!

Where we are now

L. Autumn Co is the new name of my blog and is also my name across all social media platforms (go follow via the icons in the sidebar 😘). The process of changing my name was a huge undertaking and I often questioned why I didn’t get more help because the process was….INTENSE. I felt uprooted and crippled while it was happening but my end goal kept me focused on the what was to come from months of hard work, discipline and commitment.

Now that we’re live it’s back to business! You can expect more content from me. More videos, more sol notes and community engagement. Just more of me for you. That’s exciting, right?

I hope I answered all your questions but if I didn’t leave me a comment below.

In the meantime, if you are not apart of the tribe – get into it!


Sis, Join the Tribe!

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