My Magic Story Book: A Personal Story with a Touch of Magic Review

In our house, we love to read. For as long as I can remember with the kids I have been reading books to them at bedtime. It’s not because I want the children to be super smart (although duh) but they just have my love for reading and so It has been a natural fit for our family. We received the My Magic Story Book to review and I can honestly say of these kinds of books and I have only tried 1 other kind I found this one to be fun, full of magic and very high quality.

*This review is sponsored by My Magic Story, yet all views and opinions are that of my own*

My Magic Story Book: A Personal Story with a Touch of Magic

My Magic Story Book: A personal bedtime story with a Magical touchWhen visiting the My Magic Story site you see the options available to order five different kinds of reading books which can all be made personalized to your child. I selected the Magic of My Name book for each kid and there are options within the process to personalize the main character’s (your child) appearance.

It’s really that simple, you click to personalize, order and it comes to your door. Our shopping experience was easy enough and there is even an option to personalize the beginning of the story with a little note to your child.

There are even options to have your child’s name on the front cover of the book at a small additional cost to really see the personalization as soon as you pick up the book.

For us, the choice to have the book in hardcover and with their names on the front page was a no-brainer because I knew that I wanted something that would last a long time and stand out from all their other books. Order the Magic of My Name 

The Story

When we first received the books, the kids thought it was really cool to have a book with their own names on it.

My son is 7 so he can read independently and thought the book was funny and had some get magical elements in it.

Because he is older I was concerned that he wasn’t going to enjoy the storytelling but even for him it was a great read.

My daughter’s favorite part was learning about each letter in her name and finding out the “meaning” of every letter.

In her mind, the book and fairy were telling her that she was outstanding because it was right there in a book for us to read.

I truly enjoyed that the personal touch is not lost in uniformity. And because I have two children I scanned each book for quality around the stories to ensure they were different.

In each book, the child goes to sleep and is awakened by a fairy who takes them on a magical journey to different places around the world where he/she will become to discover some meaning behind the letters of their names. This I found made the reading of each story fun and personalized. Each child was on their own journey and excited to hear what was next for their name>

The book will take your child and you on a journey and as with all books, you can use these stories to build teaching moments throughout.

Is it Worth the Cost?

Simply stated, yes it is.

The book is available in 7 different languages and there are offers available to reduce to cost such as getting the book in softcover, not personalizing the front page and choosing standard shipping.

And if you aren’t into the name book the other options include:

My magical numbers, Story of my name, and two selections on soccer.

The price of the book is 29.99 which although is higher than your standard hardcover book is one book that I feel can be passed down in the way future and one that can be read over and over as your child grows in age.

I’m one of those parents that looks at each purchase for how it can be used multiple times for more bang for your buck. And this book is one of them, save the book in your ‘children special box’ and when they get older give it back to them to pass down to their children and carry it through to the next generation.

Personalized Story Time

Our bedtime routine always consists of story time for the kids and we’ve added the books to our library for the kids to choose from. I’ve read both books to the kids and the story remains personalized throughout with only the intro and outro the same.

If your children have similar letters in their name some of the words for the letters might also be the same but we didn’t have that issue, but I’m sure if there were similarities it would be just as fine for my kiddies.

Purchase My Magic Story + Discount

Through the month of September, you can use my discount code WRECK to get 10% off your book order. I would love to see pictures of your books and kids reading them when you do order so if you make a purchase with my code, tag me in the photo on Instagram so I can share it as well.

This book is a great gift not only for your children but for any kids you may have in your life, so take them on a personal and magical journey with story time!

Do your children love story time as much as mine? What’s your favorite book to read at bedtime?

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