Four Ways Moms Can Create A Self-Care Spa-Like Experience at Home

Self-care isn’t just the latest fad on your Instagram feed it is an essential part of wellness for everyone. Self-care for moms is often glossed over in the motherhood community because since the beginning of time we have been destined to care for the lives of everyone else and not ourselves first. I truly believe however that the self-care process and journey for moms is ESSENTIAL because a happy mom is a happy child.

Children feed off our energy which is true from the time they are within our bodies. In the pregnancy stage women are the sole source of life for the child and in order for that child to thrive the mother must first begin by taking care of themselves. The same should be held true when the child arrives (even through the hard first weeks) because let’s face it, if mom isn’t taking care of herself she is of no use to the child or children she has right in front of her. Some self-care strategies that are 30 minutes or less can be just what’s needed for moms to get those small self-care moments in as often as possible.

Self-Care Experiences Vs. Gifts

Recently I polled over 150 mom who said for Mother’s Day that the would prefer experiences over gifts! I am one of those moms, while I love gifts a self-care experience is one that I would receive especially for Mother’s Day 2019. As I have packed my life with many more things this year however, a spa might not be in the cards for me but moms can create self-care experiences at home with just a few tools.

Self-Care ideas for busy moms are based on things that you can do for yourself in short spans of times because let’s face we barely have any time at all after kids, cooking, working, cleaning and the one thousand other things left unticked on your to-do list. There are tons of experiences that cater to your self-care such as:

  • Spa Day
  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Dating Yourself
  • Fitness Class

But even more than the abovementioned activities/experiences which require booking and then actually going you can do any of the above right in the comfort of your own home. In this post, we are going to look at 3 ways to create a spa-like environment for yourself or the mom in your life quickly, easily and in a cost-effective way + special Mother’s Day Giveaway featuring Marie’s Halo.

3 Ways Moms Can Create A Self-Care Spa-Like Experience at Home

Set the Aroma & Mood

If you love the spa and that’s an experience you just don’t have time for, you can easily set the mood and aroma to emulate the spa setting. Right now I love using a wax warmer with wax melts in my home to really bring a pleasant scent to the environment around me. My current favorite brand of candles and wax melts is made by Marie’s Halo, a women-owned brand based in my hometown of Brooklyn.

The wax melts & each candle is made using all natural soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and phthalate-free fragrance oils which make me feel safe to burn them as often as I like in my home. The smell is an essential part of the experience because a good smell helps create a positive experience whereas a bad smell gives a negative impression!

After you’ve got the smell down, the mood should be quiet so some relaxing music would be a good place to start. Or if you want your mood to be loud and over the top, you can be in a spa-like experience however you choose. We want that self-care experience to be a positive one so setting that mood is essential.


Head over to this post, follow the rules and enter to win your very own Wax Warmer set from Marie’s Halo, even if you don’t win you can enjoy 20% your very own set for yourself or the mom in your life using the code: MOMLOVE. This giveaway ends on May 7th, please be sure to enter before then, the code will work thru the month of May.

Plan the Day

Get the baby sitter you need, or give your significant other the heads up that you need the day or few hours to yourself. Experiences start with making the time necessary to be able to pull it off making the time for self-care might be easier for some and not so easy for others, but having the time alone to refill your cup is worth all the effort.

Gear Up 

When you go to a spa the first few things above are already done, 1., you’ve taken the time and 2., when you walk in you’ll notice is the smell and quietness of the space. But that’s not all that moms can do to create an experience at home, now it’s about what you do with the time.

When I go to the spa there are three things that I always indulge in (massage, facial, baths) so for your mommy self-care spa-like experiences I’ll share my favorite products that can be used to treat yourself this Mother’s Day 2019. All of them can be found on Amazon and I have used personally at some point in my life.

Spa-Like Experience Essential Options

  • Bath Oil
  • Bath Bombs
  • Scrubs
  • Towels
  • Slippers
  • Robe
  • Face Masks
  • Face Roller
  • Massage Roller

Do you have any favorite products that you’d love to incorporate into your Mother’s Day experience? Share with me on Instagram or shoot me an email, I love to try new things!

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