Five Important Postpartum Tips

I am a mom of two so I’ve been around the block twice when it comes to bringing new babies home. Below I’ve put together some simple tips to remember in those early days/weeks home that you’ll want to keep handy!

Prepare in advance

Have you heard of freezer meals? These are your best friends in the first days if not weeks home. If freezing meals are not your thing then utilizing some type of home delivery service is also helpful such as Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh!

I’ve personally used Amazon Fresh for ordering groceries directly to my door and it’s very helpful, set this up before your due date and be set for post-baby. Get your baby’s sleeping area set up, clean the bottles, wash the clothes and if your nursing/pumping make sure you have all pump parts and nursing pads ready to go!

Be Kind to you

Whether you’re a new mom or if this isn’t the first rodeo regardless you need to take care of you! It is possible to function as a MOMbie (mom + zombie) but you will be of no good in this state.

Try not to let the mom guilt eat at you and any chance you can get, hop in the shower, finish a full cup of coffee and keep yourself in a positive headspace.

Your new baby will be just fine if you step away for a moment and use the bathroom. Please remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup!

Lean on your village

When I had my first born in November of 2010 I was living in Texas with very little ‘real life’ friends but my village outside of my family existed online!

So regardless if your village is near or far the support of a village is crucial, ask your villagers those burning embarrassing questions like (why is this poop yellow? or what do I do if there is projectile vomit? -trust me there will be crazy questions on your mind).

If you have friends or family close by don’t feed into your mom guilt when you’re feeling sleepy just call one you trust and get a nap in if you need it. Your village will make life easier for you in those very early days and I guarantee you will be a happier mommy for it.

Some of my closest real-life friendships started online from sites like ‘The Bump or What to Expect’. You’re going to need some adult conversation after the 100th diaper change, so utilize online communities and your real life friends to help you out and get a peace of mind.

Listen to your baby

Babies need to eat, sleep and be changed, watch for the cues and you’ll be good to go. You carried this baby, you are connected to him/her like no other person so just trust your instinct to guide you when you think something is up.

Take it Slow 

You just birthed a baby- take it slow! Your body is healing and that is the same whether you had a vaginal birth or c- section it is essential.

Your body has gone through so much to grow a baby and bring it into the world that you need to take your time to get back into things before you go pounding the pavement. It’s okay if the dishes pile up for a night or three, the laundry may need to hang out in that dusty old corner just a little bit longer.

In those early days home it’s all about you and your new baby, give yourself permission to take it easy and listen to your body.

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