Five Effective Ab Workouts for Busy Moms

As busy moms, it’s often hard to find time to work out at home or to feel like you want to get up off the couch at all. For the longest, I have struggled with belly fat and finding the right type of workouts for my abs.

Below you’ll find a few ways you can use some affordable fitness products to enhance your ab workouts and get more from them so that you don’t lose time from your family or daily activities.  

Each of the products was picked based on versatility, working out multiple areas at once and affordability.

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Five Effective Ab Workouts for Busy Moms

Let’s get rolling

Ab rollers are a useful ab device that can be used to strengthen and tone the core. But it’s a tool that’ll work more than just your six pack. Instead of being traditional and getting crazy with crunches day in and out the ab roller gives you more versatility in your workout routine. It’s included in this list because while it can give you killer abs it will also work out your back, arm, and shoulders.

You might want to work out your belly to get the fat down or get a six pack but we have to remember that while it’s nice to have those things, an important aspect we mustn’t forget is core strength! The ab roller can absolutely help with this easily and because it’s small it saves space in any part of your home, because who needs any more STUFF!

Exercise Ball

The good ol’ exercise ball can be used in so many ways. Use this ball priced for some great core exercises to develop core muscles and overall strength, increase balance, and improve posture. Stability balls are perfect for core workouts, stretching, squats and so much more and are perfect for busy moms because of their versatility.

We like to us it as a chair when helping the kids with homework at their small desk. Without even realizing it, I am working my core by just positioning myself correctly on this ball. If you need tips on how to use the ball here are 7 ways to exercise with your stability ball.  My favorite ones to do are the ball crunches they both have been great at helping me to lose and tone my belly fat.

Balance Pads– What are they?

Balance pads are the perfect accessory to add to your home even if you aren’t into fitness! Balance pads are used to increase stability, balance & core strength. Use this to balance on one leg while cooking dinner, read a book to your kids while switching between legs and balancing.

If you work in an office these are perfect to add to your desk area while standing and working out at the same time. Another added benefits are that a balance pad can be used for so many other things in your home. You can take the pad and use it while kneeling to bathe your little one, place it in the grass for kneeling while gardening or if you just had a new baby and want a more comfortable place to sit use it as a seat cushion.


A flat tummy has always been an aspiration of mine so I had to add in Core Sliders! You can use these while watching tv with the kids in the living room or get busy right in your kitchen while waiting for the pasta to boil. Here are some other useful ways to use them at home on carpet or hardwood flooring.

ab sliders

These sliders are small & compact perfect for the home and on the go, Not only are they a fun way to mix up your routine, but they force you to engage your core as you perform both basic and complex exercises.

Core Balance Discs

Core Balance Discs is another ab and core strengthening tool that you can use to add versatility to your busy mom workout routine. You can keep an eye on your children while also toning, training and improving core strength and posture.

I like to use these at my bar height dining table instead of sitting for dinner or when I am working from home. Being able to use items for more than one purpose is sometimes the sole reason that I make a purchase. Not only will I be able to use these discs in a workout routine but also when I am stationary!