The Sol Well Podcast: Grief Comes In Many Forms with Cametria Santeri

This episode dives deep into the complexities of grief with guest Cametria Santeri. Cametria shares her personal experience with trauma and the various forms and stages of grief she’s encountered.

You’ll learn about:

  • The many ways grief can manifest: It’s not just about death! We’ll explore how grief can arise from various losses, big and small.
  • Understanding the stages of grief: Cametria will discuss the traditional stages of grief and how they might not be a linear process.
  • Healing from trauma: Cametria offers insights and tools for navigating the healing journey after experiencing trauma.
  • Cametria’s story: Gain strength and inspiration from Cametria’s personal experience with overcoming grief and trauma.

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re struggling with any loss or grief.
  • You want to understand the process of healing from trauma.
  • You’re looking for support and hope on your journey.
  • You’re looking to relate to another mom’s story

Guest Bio:

Cametria Santeri is a mother of five via birthing and adoption. Through extreme experiences and adversity which ultimately altered her life physically and mentally, Cametria began struggling with her mental health in early childhood and remained undiagnosed and untreated through most of her adult life. However, through faith, therapy, and self-determination, she eventually surrendered herself to her mental health healing journey to reshape and redefine her life. She often says she has been gracefully broken – her scars are evidence of her strength, her pain has a purpose and she aspires to show women that life is worth the fight. Storms may come not to destroy, but to make one strong.