In this episode, we dive into the multifaceted life of Brittany Chatman, public health and communications expert,  military wife, bonus mom, creator and advocate for mental health and self-care for busy moms. Brittany shares her story of growing up in a Caribbean household, the challenges of Mental Health stigmas and raising an emotionally healthy family who respects space and boundaries.

Part 1: Mental Health, You and Your Household

  • Mental Health in Caribbean Households: We explore the potential cultural stigma surrounding mental health within Caribbean communities. Brittany discusses her own experiences growing up and how she advocates for prioritizing mental well-being within her family and community.

Part 2: Bonus Mom Life, Motherhood, and Identity

  • Bonus Mom Challenges & Joys: Brittany delves into the unique joys and challenges of being a bonus mom, sharing her experiences building relationships with her stepchildren and fostering healthy family dynamics.
  • Motherhood and Identity: We explore the complex relationship between motherhood and personal identity. Brittany shares her tips for maintaining a sense of self and pursuing passions outside of motherhood, offering advice for other moms struggling to rediscover themselves.

Part 3: Military Wife Life

  • Discussing how this experience has shaped Brittany’s household dynamics and how she cares for herself, her spouse and children’s emotional needs.

Part 4: Self-Care & Boundaries

  • Realistic Self-Care: Brittany emphasizes the importance and practicality of self-care and having clear boundaries .

This episode is for you if:

  • You’re interested in navigating mental health within Caribbean households.
  • You’re a bonus mom or stepmom seeking advice and encouragement.
  • You’re a busy mom struggling to find time for self-care
  • You’re not sure how to set a clear boundary
  • You’re interested in exploring the complexities of motherhood and identity.

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