Autumn’s Transparent Struggle with PPD

I want to change the discussion of mental illness & motherhood so I’ll share a little of my story about my depression and anxiety. Mental illness isn’t cookie cutter by any means and the experiences of one mother through depression, PPD, PTSD or any other disorder is not one in the same.

Anxiety and Depression on are very real and apart of my life. To me, anxiety has often felt like I am standing at the edge of a cliff and about to fall off at any moment.

My depression one day can manifest itself in whichever form it chooses to appear and as a mom of two, I don’t always have the option to let it anchor me to my bed weeping.

To some depression is sulking & sadness and while one day that may be my mood that’s not all depression is for me, there is no one form that looks alike in every sufferer. 

My Instagram & Facebook pictures may look perfect to you but perception isn’t always reality and the running & racing thoughts of my mind are often reflected transparently in my posts. I want those who listen or what I have to share recognize that there is no ONE way to live with a chronic mental illness. 

My moods can leave me distant from my husband and out of touch with my children and every day I have to make the conscious choice to not let my fears, my worries, my demons get ahead of me. There are so many ways I do this, which are most often shared in my wellness guides

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