I´m Autumn

Wife, mom of 2, wellprenuer and student of holistic health and nutrition from New York City. As a wellness advocate, food, feelings & movement enthusiast my work centers around making holistic wellness & nutrition relatable.

This platform is where I share openly about my experiences as a black millennial woman, who is healing past traumas and breaking generational curses within my family. By utilizing the power of storytelling, I equip women and mothers with the tools necessary to invest in themselves. This allows them to flourish; rediscover personal joy & harmony and heal inside out.

You will find resources, support, community, healthy recipes and inspiration that align with my passion for holistic wellness & nutrition, motherhood, self-love, and fitness.

I am here to remind you that no matter where you are in your season, you are not alone. Keep reading to learn more about my health, wellness and weightloss story. 

My health story


In the last 10 years of my life I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, PTSD, PPD and generalized anxiety & panic disorder, in search of answers I dated therapists off and on, and over the years I’ve developed tools to live with my mental health illness so that it no longer consumes me. 

In 2016 I embarked on a health and lifestyle change to combat those many years of battling mental health, and a part of that journey meant a lot of self-care and rediscovery. I started therapy and medication under the care of a psychiatrist and LCSW. Through the support of my partner and team of physicians I was able to BEGIN my healing process. It wasn’t until some time after and a major health scare led me down the path of holistic health that I began to seek and find true TRANSFORMATION. 

At the end of 2017 I was diagnosed with IBS, a chronic digestive system disorder that was discovered after months of bedridden pain, combatting dismissive doctors and several procedures.  After the discovery I was placed on 3 types of medication and a very limited diet, but quickly found that this was no way to keep living. During this time I began to research veganism and holistic nutrition as a means to naturally find healing for my day to day pain without toxic medications.

I began to transition my diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits with a more holistic approach and after 6 months of daily medications I decided to stop and begin to use food as healing. I fully transitioned to a vegan diet in July of 2018 and with a more holistic health approach I am able to manage triggers and have truly healed myself inside out.

A large part of my journey has been my weightloss journey!

While rediscovering myself I found that I knew a large part of my confidence and health issues stemmed from being obese. In June 2017 I was 230 pounds, the heaviest I had been in my life up to that point, I looked in the mirror and assessed weather I would make a change for myself and from then on my journey and progress has surpassed every goal.

.The greatest part of the journey was not just losing 80 pounds (as of November 2019) but realizing that in this journey I was finding myself, joy and harmony in my life and in all areas. Check out some of my most recent weightloss pictures. 

So happy that you’re here. Take a look around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

I am located in the New York City Metro Area, Brooklyn, NY.

What are your eating habits?

I have a been eating a whole foods plant based diet since July of 2018.

What is your favorite book?

My Current Favorite Book is the Alchemist by, Paulo Coelho

How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging since March 2018, where I started my motherhood platform “She’s A Wreck”.

What's Your Favorite Food?

I don’t have a favorite food but my favorite type of cuisine is Mexican! Hola Tacos! 

Where are you studying Holistic Nutrition?

I choose the AFPA Holistic Nutrition course of study based on the content of the coursework, affordability and online program.

What's your policy when working with brands?

I work with brands, agencies and other creatives that represent holistic wellness, clean eating, mental health, digestive health , fitness or motherhood for millenial women. To learn more contact me via email.

Do you offer coaching?

I work with women who are serious about their goals and holistic self care. To learn more contact me via email.