30 Journal Prompts for Self-Care

So often we want to take the time out for self-care and love but we just don’t do it, or it gets noted as the last thing on the priority list. Think about the last time you had a check in with yourself, and the last time you asked yourself some truly important questions. I have been journaling since the 7th grade when I teacher made us keep a writing journal and now, not a day goes by without it. Journaling can give many women a time to unwind, brain dump and most importantly self-reflection. When you can’t think of what to journal about journal prompts for self-care will be targeted to ask yourself those hard questions to make you think, act and wonder.

Self-Care and love isn’t just a list of activities to do, it’s about giving ourselves, unconditional love. Taking the time to pour into yourself in an effort to show ourselves affection, healing, and acknowledgment.

30 Journal Prompts for Self-Care

How does the journal prompts for self-care & love work? I will be giving you 30 questions/ prompts in this post, each time you sit down to write in your self-care journal take one of these questions and have it be the jumping point for your entry.

I find it best when using journal prompts that I just let it all out on the page, I set myself up with a timer and just release it all on the page. These entries are for you, this is your time of self-reflection so holding back won’t be necessary.

  1. Write at least three things that you love about yourself.
  2. What do I believe I deserve in life? Why?
  3. Expand and list 10  reasons you love yourself
  4. The greatest challenge in my life right now is ________
  5. Make a list of 10 things you do to relax. How can you incorporate these things into the week ahead of you?
  6. Love means to me ________
  7. Write a letter to your mom.
  8. I receive love in this way ______ and this is how I want others to receive my love _____
  9. My biggest regret is ________. What have you done to forgive yourself or make amends?
  10. During difficult times I have discovered that ______ helps me the most.
  11. What does forgiveness mean? What do you need to forgive yourself for? How can you love yourself through the forgiveness process?
  12. Where do you want to be in a year?
  13. I am reading ______ and it has taught me _________
  14. Where do you feel safe & loved?
  15. When I was a child I liked to ________
  16. What do you wish your parents did differently while raising you?
  17. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  18. Today I am grateful for ________
  19. Right now I am being challenged by ______
  20. Give advice to your 13-year-old self.
  21. On a scale of 1-10, my mental health is currently at a ____.
  22. Write about 1 thing that brings your true happiness.
  23. List 10 of your favorite local places. Visit one this month.
  24. I need help in this ______ area of my life.
  25. I love …
  26. I think …
  27. I was…
  28. I wish …
  29. I can’t imagine …
  30. I promise …
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I truly hope that you find these prompts useful in your journaling, that each one will challenge your thought process. There are 30 days of journaling material, why not challenge yourself to journal each and every day for the next 30 days just to see how it makes you feel. Self-Care and loving who you are won’t come easily without putting in the work. If you’ve found yourself in a rut there is always a way out.

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