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Autumn Colon:
A Multifaceted Changemaker

Advocate. Non-Profit Leader & Creative CEO 

A force to be reckoned with, Autumn Colon is a mental health and addiction group facilitator with a deep passion for empowering others.  She guides individuals through challenges and supports their journeys towards strength. With her non-profit organization, Sol Well, Autumn’s mission is to raise awareness, influence policy, and foster a supportive community for mothers of color facing mental health challenges. She believes open conversations and a shift in societal views are crucial to empower these women.

Driven by her own experiences with PMDD, anxiety, and depression, Autumn has become a vocal champion for moms juggling mental health and motherhood over the past eight years. She uses her platform – blogs, community groups, podcasts, panels, and workshops – to share her struggles and advocate for change. 

Autumn’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the realm of mental health. Leveraging over 12 years of experience in marketing and social media, she leads a successful digital marketing and web design agency.  Her ability to wear many hats allows her to support purpose led individuals and create positive change on multiple fronts.

Health. Harmony & Healing

Autumn Colon Speaker

Encouraging Alignment, Joy, Harmony, and Healing: Holistic Healing through Speaking, Coaching, and Group Facilitation

With a unique combination of speaking engagements, coaching expertise, workshops, and group facilitation. I am committed to equipping clients with the tools necessary to rewrite their narrative and invest in self-actualization allowing them to flourish; and rediscover personal joy, harmony, and healing inside out.

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The Sol Well Podcast: Maternal Mental Health Connections and Conversation is dedicated to sharing stories, uplifting moms, and expanding the consciousness around maternal mental health for women of color.

Hosted by Sol Well Founder and CEO, Mental Health Advocate, and Community Leader Autumn Colon, each week we delve into themes, topics, and stories around mental health, health, recovery, and wellness. 


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With over a decade of professional Marketing and Design experience work with Autumn and lacocreative.com on social strategy, creative development, and web design solutions to empower your brand’s vision. 


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Inspire and empower audiences globally. Autumn speaks on a range of topics related to mental health, women’s wellness, self-care, holistic health, addiction, social media marketing, motherhood, and more.

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L. Autumn is a certified holistic nutritionist, a mindset and lifestyle coach, with expertise in behavioral health and addiction recovery (SMART Certified, CADC in training). Partner with Autumn to cultivate a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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Autumn works with brands that align with her mission and holistic values on a variety of sponsored content and project collaborations. Be it non profit advocacy, community engagements, sponsored content and more. Reach out today to make a positive impact together.